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Rental conditions

RENTAL CONDITIONS for the Vattulahti Holiday Cottages

Hannu & Riitta Siljanen, Voinsalmentie 773, 58900 Rantasalmi

We apply the following Conditions for realizing the accommodation and auxiliary services connected with the Vattulahti holiday cottages.


A Rental Agreement is considered to be made and these Conditions become binding for the parties involved when the client has made a booking
and received a bill or a written Confirmation of order by e-mail. These Terms can be found also at our Internet site


The terms of payment depend on the duration of the booking and the season. Primarily, the terms of payment stated on the Confirmation of order must be followed. In case payment terms are not separately mentioned, the following terms depending on the season should be followed:
2.1. Seasons (peak times):
– Winter holiday weeks 8-10
– Summer holiday weeks 22-35
– Christmas & New Year, weeks 51,52, 1, 2
If the accommodation service is booked for 40 days or more before the commencing of the rental period, a deposit (prepayment) of 50% should be paid within 7 days from the booking, and always so that the total price will be paid at the latest for 30 days before the commencing of the period. If the booking is made later, the whole price must be paid by booking.
2.2. Other times
According to the terms mentioned in the Confirmation of order.
2.3. Facts of the ordered service (rental period, name of the cottage and service) must be mentioned in the payment document of the client. Before using the service, the client is obliged on demand to present a receipt or other proof of the payment effected.
If the client doesn’t follow the payment terms, the owner is entitled to consider the booking cancelled and the Agreement void.


Notwithstanding the foregoing, all sums paid by the client will be refunded, with the exception of the deposit of 50%, in case the client or a person from the same household falls ill, has an accident or dies. In this case, cancellation must be notified to the owner without delay and properly verified, e.g. by a doctor’s certificate. If the cancellation is made after the commencing of the rental period, payments already made by the client will not be refunded.
The client has the right to cancel the Agreement without a separate reason in the following cases:
At least for 60 days before the commencing of the rental period (at least 120 days before, as concerns orders in weeks 1, 2, & 51, 52) by paying the possible handling fee, announced
beforehand (60 % of the rent).
If the Agreement is cancelled later or if the client doesn’t make the announcement of cancellation to the owner before the commencing of the period, the owner is entitled to charge the full price.
The client is obliged to inform the owner always when he is not going to use the accommodation service or uses it in a significantly smaller amount than agreed upon, e.g. number of persons or duration change from agreed. The announcement must be made in writing or, according to the circumstances, in other due means to the address of the owner. The Agreement is considered cancelled or altered from the moment when the owner has received the client’s notice. If the client proofs that the notice was given to a proper address in due time, the announcement is considered to be received notwithstanding it being delayed. If it is possible to sell the same accommodation service to a third party, the owner is obliged to refund to the client the sum already paid, however not exceeding the price received from the third party. In this case the owner has the right to deduct from the sum 50 % as a cancellation fee.


The owner (the Vattulahti Holiday Cottages) has the right to cancel the Agreement or interrupt the accommodation service if a force-majeure situation (fire, catastrophe, act of authorities, strike or analogous) not depending from the owner prevents or hinders the fulfilling of the service. In case of cancellation, the whole sum paid should be refunded to the client, and in case of interrupting the service, a sum corresponding to the unimplemented part of the service should be refunded to the client. The owner is obliged to inform the client immediately about an obstacle, preventing the fulfilling of the service.


he price agreed upon for the accommodation service gives the client a full right of use to the object. The price covers the equipment mentioned in the cottage descriptions. The clients are
obliged to use their own bed linen and towels, which can be also rented from the owner for extracharge. Unless otherwise agreed upon, the client is responsible for cleaning the cottage during the holiday and at the end of the stay. We expect at least the following to be taken care of by the client: taking the garbage out into the waste bin, vacuuming the floors, washing the dishes and emptying the dishwasher (giving a notice if the dishwasher is left on when leaving), removing stains and dirt, putting things back in their places, making the beds.
The client may also beforehand book the end cleaning of the cottage for separate charge.
NOTE: Notwithstanding ordering of the end cleaning, the object must be left in a normal condition, i.e. the furniture and other equipment in their places and without damage, garbage taken out into the waste bin, and possible wastes and leavings removed.
If at the end of the booking period the condition of the cottage does not correspond to the above mentioned, and the owner makes the cleaning, the costs for the cleaning will be charged from the client (minimum sum 200 eur).


All the claims concerning the equipment and condition of the object should be made without delay to the owner, so that they can be corrected or compensated as far as possible during the holiday.
Claims made afterwards will not be taken into consideration. The client is also obliged without delay to inform the owner about possible damage caused to the cottage, other property or surroundings, and to compensate them. Damage not informed about will be charged in full cost in arrear. THE CLIENT IS LIABLE TO THE FULL AMOUNT OF MAINTAINING THE COTTAGE IN NORMAL CONDITION DURING THE RENTAL PERIOD.


The maximum number of people using the cottage must not exceed the number of sleeping places indicated in the description. The number of persons must be told by making the booking, and shall not be exceeded. For extra persons an additional fee of 50 eur/person/day will be charged in cash.


Smoking is allowed only outside the cottage in an indicated place. In case of smoking inside without permission will be charged a 100 eur fee for ventilating, plus the expenses in full amount for washing the textiles.
Taking pet animals to the cottages is allowed only when agreed upon beforehand. For pets without permission will be charged an additional fee of 30 eur/pet/day in cash.
The owner is not responsible for allergy etc. problems caused to the client by smoking or animal hair and dust particles.


The contracting parties shall first and foremost attempt to resolve the disputes by an agreement. If no reconciliation is achieved, the matter will be given to decision of the district court of Savonlinna.
The Agreement shall be governed by Finnish law.


The owner reserves the right to alter the prices before a rental agreement is made. After an agreement has been made, the owner is entitled to raise, and similarly is obliged to reduce, the
agreed price, if the taxes or public charges affecting the price of the accommodation service change.